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Food Technologist or Chemist or Chemical EngineerOur client an Edible Olives factory in Thessaloniki, wishes to hire under a full time contract a Food Technologist or a Chemist specialized in food production.Skills Set and Experience – Treatment of fresh olives, such as Chalkidiki, Amfisa, Kalamon, etc. – Knowledgable, and have hands-on experience in production of the following types of edible olives: Spanish style (Green olives), California Style (oxidized black olives) and natural Greek olives (treatment in brine, usually applied to Kalamata and Amfisa olives).- Developing recipes for each type of olives.- Packing process, specifically sterilization and pasteurization regimes and process. QualificationsWe expect the candidate to possess substantial academic (i.e. educational) background to be capable to scientifically substantiate his findings and actions, develop and implement food safety programs at the factory.To apply: Please send resumes in Microsoft Word format mentioning job title at (

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