Mechatronics Engineers in Eindhoven (Holland)As a mechatronics…

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Mechatronics Engineers in Eindhoven (Holland)As a mechatronics Engineer in the Material Flow Technology department you and your team are responsible for several kilometers of state-of-the art materials handling technology including maintenance, repair, and error analysis.Where your expertise is neededTechnical maintenance, troubleshooting and service of automated materials handling equipmentControl and monitoring of material flow in our logisticsWork with internal and external service providers and monitor compliance with the maintenance and accident prevention plansOptimize control processes and quality assurance of the conveyor technology What we’re looking forSuccessfully completed vocational training in the field of mechatronics, industrial electrical engineering, automation technology or comparable engineering educationInitial relevant experience in industrial systems control, process control engineering and control engineeringWell-founded knowledge of the maintenance and error analysis of industrial equipment, preferably in materials-handling and material flow technology and basic knowledge of the common BUS systems in the automation environmentGood communication skills in English (German or Dutch is a plus) To apply: please send your resume in Word format at Hrstrategy Human Resources Management Consultants: committed to providing the highest level & finest quality of services to our clients. (

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